Apr 5, 2012

A Savage Education

As anyone who knows me at all is probably aware, I love me some Dan Savage. Sure, sometimes he's a little strident or overly flippant, but I think he's got good advice, is utterly hilarious, and is genuinely kind (even if he disguises it well sometimes). Anyway, the prolific bastard now has, in addition to the Savage Love column, the Savage Love podcast (dear god, check out the Ira Glass episode—it's fabulous), and his blog, The Slog, his own show on MTV, entitled Savage U. In it, he travels to different colleges, participates in Q&As, answers/grills students directly, etc. While none of the content seems terribly new—if you've been reading his columns for as long as I have, none of it seems novel—but it is surprisingly charming and funny nonetheless. Check it out. Prepare to be amused...and possibly educated.

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