Jun 4, 2012

Interruption of Service

Here's the thing: Since moving, I have been incredibly busy with the new job, the new apartment, the assorted new people I'm meeting, the city I want to explore, and all the bloody food I'm eating. Not only have I not had the necessary time to blog, I haven't even had the time to trawl the internet for awesome things to blog about. So I find myself trying to schedule time here and there for rushed internet cram sessions to find the stuff to blog about and then schedule as many blog posts as possible...and that just isn't working. This is supposed to be fun, but it's become a chore for me and is probably uninteresting for my readers. So, until my life stabilizes a bit (which will happen eventually, but might take another month or two, I suspect), the blog is on hiatus.

Please continue to follow me on twitter at @punkpinup for design-related tweets, and/or at my personal twitter account, @kaitlen for all other sorts of random thoughts.

Let us not say goodbye, but, as the French have it, au revoir! (Nah, seriously—I'll be back.)

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